A Difference in Durability

Resident Evil 4 Remake comic about knives breaking

Ok, the moment I heard they were going to be Remaking Resident Evil 4 I was concerned about the durability of my knives. It’s like they have something against letting you have a knife in these remakes. What, did knives hurt one of the developer’s families? Wait… Don’t answer that. If it’s yes then it’s really fucked up.

But still, the whole point of the knife in the original games was to be your reliable backup, and now they are a disposable defensive item. And also, a good knife is actually really durable. I cut down a dead tree with a knife before. And not like a small one. I was working at a mountain ranch, and I always carried a small machete with me (small enough to be considered a knife) and there was a dead tree that was a problem for the fence. So my options were hike back down and grab the chainsaw, or hack it down with a knife. I chose the knife because the chainsaw was heavy, and I didn’t like to hike with it.

It really didn’t take that long, and guess what, the knife was still good! It was still sharp even. So when a knife loses durability from just stabbing a guy in a game… You’re doing it wrong.