A note about the quality and timeline of the comics

I mentioned this briefly below one of the comics, but if anyone says “Hey! That shit happened a year ago, and in a different order. And why does the quality of art keep jumping back and forth?” Well the answer to that is that I have been planning to make this for a while, and I just now started to get it off the ground.

So I wrote comics for a long time, then started drawing them, and I forgot what order I made them in, so now I am just posting them! I could sort the files by date they were created, but that would require like two clicks and I am not about that son. So you get a garbled mess at first… Yay…

And as for why some of the comics don’t look that great? Well that’s because while I am actually a pretty good artist, I don’t want to spend all day everyday drawing only. So while I can create some really great art, given enough time, I instead opted to make each comic in about 3 hours. So it’s less that I am getting better, and more that I am getting faster at drawing well.

Also, I am kind of shorting the blog part of the website here at first. Not because I find writing hard, but because I am currently having to do quite a bit of other work for the next few days, but it won’t be long till I am able to spend more time writing stuff, and trying to actually be funny while writing, you know, instead of just explaining some basic things which probably don’t even need to be explained.