A Tempting Offer: Diablo Immortal

Diablo immortal comic, where spiders do terrible things to the monk's pee hole. But the reward is the belt of the spider.

Some of these comics are going to jump around in the timeline a bit. I’ve been writing them for a while, but the website really wasn’t ready, so just be aware of that.

As for the comic in question, yeah, Diablo Immortal has a weird quirk where you can see other players fighting essentially nothing, and then occasionally these phantoms of Christmas future kick their ass. But hey, you get the belt of the spider, so what are you complaining about.

Now a lot of people do have reason to complain about Diablo Immortal, one of those reasons is that its microtransactions are pretty aggressive, and yeah, it’s pay to win… Or really pay to get badass? Because you can beat the game without spending a dime! I didn’t spend anything on this game, and frankly it was still a pretty good experience. So if you’re looking for a phone game that is actually pretty awesome, and you don’t want to spend any money, then this is actually a good one. However once you step down the dark rabbit hole of spending it can get pretty brutal. But I can easily see making a few small purchases, just to support the devs. I mean, they did make a pretty good game for free, that you can beat and doesn’t feel unfair. But also, if you just want a more static payment experience, then go play some of the other Diablo games. That’s still a thing you can do, that’s still a thing I do.