Again With the Battle Royale!

f-zero 99 comic

OK, ok… I’m a bit late on this comic. And not just on the topic of the comic. I mean it’s literally late. It should have came out last night. My bad…

As for the new… ish? F-Zero game, I think it actually sounds pretty cool. But yeah this whole battle royale craze is kind of getting tired. Actually, it’s been pretty tired for the past 4 years, so now it’s not just beating a dead horse at this point. It’s more like hiring a squad of a hundred people to beat a dead horse. Also, who was beating dead horses enough that it became a saying? I feel like there’s a story there, or maybe my brain just wants a really morbid story there.

Also, I don’t mean this comic as an insult to Nebraska, corn is awesome, we put that shit in everything!