Anywhere Doesn’t Mean Appropriate

Iphone Resident Evil 4 comic

I’ve actually been saying for like the past 15 years that eventually phones are going to play games at console levels, so when I heard that the new iphone can play Resident Evil 4, I wasn’t thinking “OH WOW!” I was more like “About friggin’ time.”

That’s not to say that it isn’t amazing, I actually estimated that it was going take about another 5ish years, so it’s pretty cool, but I have heard that it’s not quite up to console snuff. 30 FPS isn’t actually console level performance, but it’s getting closer, and that’s kind of a good thing, but also a little bit scary. Because when this progresses to its utmost level, game consoles die. We will all just have phones that sync to our peripherals, but the actual devices will just be our phones. Which is kind of cool, but it also ends an era.

Well it will be at least be a fun new era.