Comic news, schedule, and all that stuff

I have been trying out scheduling this comic on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and I think that’s a good mix. You get three comics a week, and it isn’t competing with other sites that do the Mon-Wed-Fri schedule. And I am trying to schedule everything in advance so there isn’t some kind of huge delay in between me getting comics up just because I had other work to do. Now that does mean that they might be a little bit dated when they actually do come out, (especially these early comics, because I wrote them for a while) but if that’s the price to pay for keeping to a regular schedule that doesn’t over burden me, then that’s a pretty good way to do it.

Now about the site itself, I know that at some times it loads a bit slow, I think this is due to my hosting, because the site is decently efficient. So I’ll be looking into upgrading that at some point. I’m not really seeing what else I could do to speed things up, so I’ll just have try that.

And I have decided to eat less spicy chips today, as I was tired of crapping fire. This is a temporary measure though, eventually the spicy chips will call to me again, and I will answer their siren’s song. But hopefully with less exuberance.