The Greatest Gaming Generation

King Kong game comic

It’s no surprise that King Kong isn’t exactly a new franchise, but it’s also kind of wacky that they are making a game for it now. I mean I guess that it was inevitable, sure it’s an interesting concept. It’s just kind of funny thinking about the people who actually got to watch King Kong when it first came out, you know, because they aren’t the kind of people who play video games.

I actually find it kind of odd how few elderly play games, it’s getting more common now, but Games are a way of experience new and exciting worlds. Though I suppose the controls are just something they aren’t used to, and I can see them not wanting to learn the new skill. That being said, I do seem to remember a video where an old lady love playing GTA V because she always wanted the excitement of being a criminal, and maybe loving it a little too much. So maybe I’m on to something.

Either way, I am sure that my generation’s use of games and the internet will make old folks homes awesome. It will be like a big old Lan party that never ends. So even if life isn’t treating you well right now, at least you’ve got that to look forwards to.