Nothing! Don’t Check My Phone!

Ghostwire Tokyo comic

So Ghostwire Tokyo is weird. I mean it’s the kind of weird that some people pay good money for. But also it’s kind of good. Artistically the game is beautiful, it’s just that some of the stuff you have to do is… Well the comic is not exaggerating what you have to do at all. You most definitely set headless Japanese schoolgirls on fire in this game. So if you’re not comfortable with that, then maybe it’s not for you.

The gameplay is kind of different from what you might expect from your average first person shooter. To be frank, “Shooter” isn’t really in the game at all. It’s more like first person magic, so you can tell that’s not quite going to play like something more tradition for the genre. Having said that though, it’s kind of nice to see something other than another basic shooter. Truth be told I’ve gotten a little tired of the standard FPS formula, so to see any change is novel, even if it is really weird or/and a fetish thing.