Part of the Problem

Don’t get me wrong the Resident Evil 4 remake looks good, it looks great actually, but I can’t help but feel that the game is somehow already done. You know, what with it still being a good game before they bothered to remake it. Really beyond enhancing the graphics and making the controls a little more modern, I don’t really see the point in remaking the game. Think about it, what if it 10 years they remake it again? Huh? Would you buy it again? Probably… I probably would. And that’s the problem!

Oh well, I guess we are just going to get stuck in a series of remakes, but it’s not all bad. I mean at least they’re remaking good games. They could be remaking crap, but I suppose you only really tend to remake the games that are actually going to make you money.

Personally I think that remaking stuff is fine IF you don’t drastically change a bunch of stuff, and don’t add a lot of stupid crap. But money drives weird things sometimes. I wanted to say some harsh things here, but I know the people who work at the places I was going to bash actually work really hard. And I just don’t want to attack those people.