Poketective and the Pokebomber

Poketecive and the pokebomber comic

I don’t know if you heard about this, but yeah, the police used Pokemon cards to help catch a man who was setting off explosives. The real story is much less interesting than what my imagination got away with. But I guess that is the whole point of click bait right? To make me think it’s going to be interesting when really it’s just some dude setting off homemade m80’s and dropped his Pokemon cards when he was running away.

The idea of having some crazy dude in a trench coat and fedora catching ’em all with the power of his wicked deck is the right kind of stupid for me to get behind it though. I mean I could read this. Though it is pretty heavily reliant on puns, so it might be a bit dull for the people who don’t like them. So I’ll probably leave the tale of Poketective here. But who knows? He might show up again later if there are more stupid crimes real life. That’s not a challenge by the way. Don’t commit crimes to get me to make a dumbass comic!