Pro “Speller” 3

pro skater spelling comic

This joke has literally been rolling around in my head for years. My brother was actually the one who said the whole spell skate be skate thing, and well I just had to get it out.

Now, with that said, I actually really enjoyed every one of those skating games that I’ve played, and I don’t even really like skating. But it’s kind of one of the classics for me. It is a bit unrealistic… Ok extremely unrealistic, pulling off 20 tricks in a row all chained together would be the skate trick of legend, but in the game it’s just something you end up doing pretty consistently. But I suppose that if you didn’t have to go to the hospital when slamming into the ground from 80 feet up, then it would be a lot easier to get some practice in.

Now as far as my training goes? Well I was just looking for something stupid for those two to be doing in the background. Who knows though, I may bring it back up at a later date.

Oh, and yes, I would like another game in this series.