Same Old Thing

Street Fighter 6 comic, nothing chages

I am not bashing Street Fighter! It’s just that, yeah it’s the same game. There are a few more mechanics, and a hell of a lot more characters, but at it’s very core, it’s just a fighting game.

That’s not a bad thing though. It turns out that fighting games are still… fun! So knowing its place actually kind of works here. I remember that odd phase that Mortal Kombat when through, where they tried to make a 3d game and have the characters actually be able to strafe around each other. It was bad! But you don’t always know what is going translate well from 2d to 3d, so props to the devs for trying.

As for the new Street Fighter, it’s good to see that they are just refining what made the old games great, and giving us more of it. That’s the way you do sequels for games! It doesn’t need the newest flashiest crap. It doesn’t need loads of new features. It needs to be good, and not try to push the envelope too hard.