Side Quested

Mass Effect Comic, Scan keeper, punching reporter

Mass Effect regardless about how you feel about the ending (pick your favorite of 3 colors!) was a pretty great trilogy. But going back to play the first game now has some odd moments. This scene in particular is strange, as you just got word that Tali (who you don’t know is Tali) is currently in danger and people are coming to kill her, but you know… Keepers aren’t gonna scan themselves. Yeah, even though the game says there is an urgent threat, feel free to take your time. Nothing happens if you wait a couple hours, go on and do all those side quests. And remember to punch that one reporter, because she’s being a bitch.

Ok the first game didn’t age quite as well as the second one did. But neither than the third game. I distinctly remember chatting with the guy in the game store about buying the game. I was really late on the ball to get the second one in the series, because I typically don’t get stuff ruined by spoilers, so waiting is just a good way to get a discount on something I was going to play anyway. But that’s not the point! I remember telling the guy. “I want to play this, but I already know that nothing really changes between the beginning and the end of the game. The Reapers are coming when it starts and it ends with the Reapers still coming.” He tried to tell me that wasn’t quite true, but no! It’s totally true, that game is not necessary to the story. In fact the only thing your missing out on if you skip Mass Effect 2 is the best game in the trilogy!

Yeah, that sounds odd when I say it out loud. It adds no real meat to the story, but it’s the best game of all three. If I had to recommend you skip a game it would be the first one. Which actually does have important plot points, but also isn’t half as fun. It’s still good though, just play it for the story and remember that the gameplay is much better in the sequels and you should be fine.

Now original or remaster? Well the remaster has better graphics but less butts. So you’re gonna have to decide if it’s worth the trade off. And yes! I’m being totally serious, that’s the actual trade off. What the fuck?