The Cynophilist’s Dilemma (yes that’s a real word)

Pikmin 4 comic

This is partially true. I have played more that one game on promises of there being a dog, and it hasn’t exactly turned out as great as I would have hoped. And while I do like dogs, I have inadvertently owned far more cats (as in 7 cats at the same time). Which is really weird because I don’t even particularly care for cats. Ok, I actually did like two of the seven cats, or at the very least I admired their hunting skills.

I’m much more of a dog person, but I am also a “don’t take responsibility for more things than you’re willing to deal with” uh… person. Which is all to say that even though I like them, and there is nothing stopping me from getting one, I don’t currently have a dog. And really, I’m ok with that for now.