The New Face of Horror

Silent Hill 2 remake comic

So Bloober team is remaking Silent Hill 2 and they also are saying that they are tired of horror games being walking simulators. Granted this is the team that made Layers of Fear, which if you haven’t played it… is a walking simulator. Yeah, your character does slowly go crazy over time while your dead monster wife lurks under an arch of chairs, but does that effect gameplay? Not really. I liked Layers of Fear though, it was an interesting experience.

Do I also like Silent Hill 2? Yes, but there is a bit more meat on the gameplay bones of that one. So I am glad to see that it is getting a remake, and that they are willing to put in the effort to actually make playing the game fun, rather than just a purely horror experience. Actually, I think it would be hard to think of a better team to put in charge of remaking Silent Hill games. They can really nail the atmosphere, and if they can make the gameplay better, then we’ve got a winner here.