The Scorn of Home Ammenities

For the record, I actually love the horror genre of games. And even the H. R. Giger style art of the game Scorn, but just because I like that kind of thing in my games, doesn’t mean I want that in like… real life. And yeah, the thought of a living toilet is horrifying. Not like it’s going to cause me nightmares, and more like I would rather poop in the bushes in front of my place instead of ever using something like that.

But Scorn doesn’t make the distinction between sacred and non sacred spaces. It’s all the meat up in that bitch! And it makes me wonder about all of the household things we are used to not being made of living tissue, and how terrible it would be if they were in fact… made of meat. But really the toilet and the shower are probably the worst two option here. I guess the fridge might be something you wouldn’t want around your food if you had to make sure to feed it as well. Not just because it’s gross, but also because I don’t want it getting hungry and take a bite of my food. OH! But it could be awesome if it only ate spoiled food, so whenever something goes bad it just eats that. Yeah, then you wouldn’t even have to clean out the fridge! And that minor convenience would only traumatize most of the people in the world.

I’m still down for the self cleaning fridge though.