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World of warcraft dragonflight comic, ripping off dreamworks

Ok, this comic is really late! Like really really late. It somehow got pushed back, but I made the comic, and it’s funny, so it’s going up now.

When I look at Dragonflight I think, Wow they made the flying worse! But they are trying to make it more interesting, and I get that. Still, we had objectively better flying mounts before this. So what do you do with that? I mean they are letting us keep flying from the beginning of the expansion, which we all complained about, and they are trying to make the game more fun, but it still somehow feels like it’s worse.

Now about the creative direction they are taking. It’s kind of a joke, but are they really just ripping off Dreamworks? Because there are some striking similarities between some of these expansions and those movies. Well if they are, I could pass on the Bee Movie expansion. Not because the movies was bad or anything, I just don’t want my dwarf to have to seduce bees as part of the plot to World of Warcraft.