Warcraft III Reforged

Warcraft 3 reforged comic, necromancer needs gold

Warcraft III Reforged is not exactly a fan favorite, and certainly has a lot more problems worth mentioning than a stupid game mechanic. But still, it is kind of odd that the undead need gold to make more units. I mean what are they using it for? Hiring people to dig up the graves? Paying the ferryman? I just can’t imagine the skeleton monsters actually needing gold. And don’t go telling me their magic requires gold, that’s like saying you need cash to cast fireballs. What kind of shitty wizard goes around begging for change in the middle of a fight? Actually that’s so stupid it’s kind of good again.

But Warcraft was never meant to be stupid… Well at least not till Mists of Pandaria. Which I still played and enjoyed by the way! But yeah, that expansion man…

Nevertheless, Warcraft has always held a special place in my gaming heart, ever since the days of WC I and II. I really liked both of those games, although they are a bit painful to play nowadays. It’s kind of funny how you don’t realize the progression that real time strategy games have made since the old days. But yeah, if you are used to playing Stacraft II, then even jumping back to Stacraft I will have you asking “WTF?!?! What is wrong with your fucking pathing?” It turns out what was once revolutionary is actually kind of crap by today standards. But you can say the same thing about Doom. Definitely a legend in the gaming realm, also kind of shit for FPS standards today, so I guess it’s not beholden to just RTS games.

Would I say WC III Reforged is worth the money though? I can see both sides. If you have the old version of the game, and a disc drive to actually be able to play it, then probably not. The graphic enhancement is definitely easier on the eyes, but a lot of people felt alienated by the other changes. If you’ve never played WC III and want to give it a shot though, yeah! It’s pretty good. You might be missing a few features the original game had, but it’s still a Hero based RTS romp with some fun mechanics.