• Comic news, schedule, and all that stuff
    I have been trying out scheduling this comic on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and I think that’s a good mix. You get three comics a week, and it isn’t competing with other sites that do the Mon-Wed-Fri schedule. And I am trying to schedule everything in advance so there isn’t some kind of huge delay in between me getting comics up just because I had other work to do. Now that does mean that they might be a little bit dated when they actually do come out, (especially these early comics, because I wrote them for a while) but if […]
  • A note about the quality and timeline of the comics
    I mentioned this briefly below one of the comics, but if anyone says “Hey! That shit happened a year ago, and in a different order. And why does the quality of art keep jumping back and forth?” Well the answer to that is that I have been planning to make this for a while, and I just now started to get it off the ground. So I wrote comics for a long time, then started drawing them, and I forgot what order I made them in, so now I am just posting them! I could sort the files by date […]
  • Finally!!!!
    The time has come! I am actually starting to get this whole thing rolling, and it’s pretty awesome. I don’t really have that much to say right now, because I am going to bed soon. But it’s nice to finally actually start to see things go your way. For the record, I have been wanting to do this for a long time, WAY longer than you might think. So finally getting to see this working, is just amazing. More will come soon. And I will try to stick to a pretty regular schedule. Good night!
  • The Birthening!
    I don’t have a comic that I really want to put up just yet, but I figured it would be poetic or some crap like that, if this website were to start on the day of my birth, but you know… like years later. I guess that’s how birthday’s work. Well actually the site was made on the 18th, which is my actual birthday, this post got in just a little bit later. So now it’s official. Me and this site share the same day womb… which is about the grossest way I could think to say that.


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